"Five Stars - I had a glorious time reading this book. I truly couldn’t put it down.  The climax of this story was truly heart-stopping"
Akamai Reader

"Five Stars - The Woodcutter is a must read for both the lover of fantasy and mystery."
Marissa Libbit, Reader Views

"It felt like the continuation of fairy tales with the right suspense, drama and action to keep my adult side hooked while my inner child re-
visited fairyland."
Susan Violente, I Have Something to Say

"This is a great fantasy read that weaves together all of your favorite fairytales in a really ingenious way.  The author creates a world
where these stories make sense coexisting together.  I really loved this novel."
Thrifty E-Book Reader

"Danley weaves together fairy tales in a fascinating web, creating a whole new story with great depth and emotion. In many ways, her
book is the opposite of Jasper Fforde’s Nursery Crime series. For Fforde, the nursery rhyme and fairy tale allusions are all there to
provide tongue in cheek humor. For Danley, the shards of story are there to craft her own beautiful mosaic."
Rosanne E. Lortz, Read Room

"The mystery and intrigue  kept me guessing, and I'm already anxious to read more from Danley in the future if she continues to write
books of this caliber."
Bonnie Lynn Wagner, A Backwards Story

"Those of you familiar with more traditional fairytales will love the language of this novel. Kate Danley’s writing is beautiful. She is a master
at words and I found myself reading and re-reading many lines throughout."  
-Alyssa, Books Take you Places
The Woodcutter
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