An oppressive regime and the man who stood against it, a life  that it still resonants nearly eight hundred
years later.

But do you know the real Robin Hood?

The Robin Hood of popular culture, an enemy of Prince John and a nobleman loyal to King Richard, was an
invention of a playwright three hundred years after Robin Hood died.

But there are older Robin Hood stories about the real Robin Hood - a poor man exiled for an unjust crime
who used his intelligence and skills to fight back.

Discover these ancient histories of Sherwood's favorite son.  The original 13th century ballads are woven
together and brought to swashbuckling new life by USA Today bestselling author Kate Danley.

Enter a world of adventure and chivalry as you discover the man behind the myth, as you meet the Olde
Robin Hood.
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Olde Robin Hood

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"Rich prose, intense action, historical
and mythological depth, and
captivating innovations."
-Kirkus Reviews